Fernand Desmoulin. Spiritualist Works


Fernand Desmoulin. Œuvres médiumniques (1900-1902), Paris, abcd et Galerie Messine, 2002.

Between 1900 and 1902, Fernand Desmoulins, hitherto an academic engraver, fell under the spell of spiritualism. His hand, moved by his unconscious, created drawings as if by magic. It is not surprising that André Breton became interested in this automatic production.  Today, an unknown part of this spiritualist production, close to art brut, comes out into the open.

Bruno Decharme and Thomas Le Guillou, Preface
Jean-Louis Lanoux, “Fernand Desmoulin, médium de lui-même”
Djohar Si Ahmed, “La traversée spirite de Fernand Desmoulin”

In French

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