Helen Martins was born in Nieu-Bethesda in South Africa. As an adult, she left her village to teach in the city. After the failure of her marriage she came back to live with her parents. When they died, her native house became her ultimate refuge, which she decorated with fantastic and religious figures, all facing the East.

3 minutes 50 seconds . HD cam . French – English . Roselyne Petit c/o GLpipa . Telecinema / Anne Szymcowiak c/o GLpipa . Image Treatment / Rasto Simocko c/o UPP . Music / Alain Mouysset . Lyrics & Singing / Fanny Castelli . Executive Production / Barbara Safarova . With the help of: Nicolas Batailler, Marie-Laure Bonduel, Jean-Michel Fleury, Jean-Louis Lanoux, Kiyoko Lerner, Jennifer Pinto Safian . Production abcd 2003