FOURE adolf julien

Forced to retire at the age of fifty-four for spurious grounds — his hardness of hearing — despite a petition of his parishioners in his favour, Father Fouré moved to Rothéneuf, near Saint-Malo, with the status of “regular priest,” that is to say, resident priest without administrative burden. Lonely, he began to decorate his house, named Haute Folie [High Madness], with wooden sculptures. He thus created a fantastic garden inhabited by over two hundred figures, mostly painted, which have since disappeared. In addition, for at least ten years, he carved the rock by the sea, with a simple chisel and a big hammer. First, at  the Pointe du Christ then the Pointe de la Haie. He was inspired by Breton saints and he thus immortalized Saint Budoc and Saint Gobrien, who would end his life as a hermit and whom Father Fouré chose as patron saint. He also represented famous historical figures such as Napoleon, Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba, or the events of his time, like the Boer War in South Africa. The rain, the wind and the sun have erased the colours.

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