LOBANOV alexandre pavlovitch

Deaf-and-mute, Alexandre Pavlovitch Lobanov was confined for fifty years to a psychiatric hospital in Russia. After a period of revolt, he retreated into absolute silence, yet he developed an exceptional pictoral production. Portrait of a creator of art brut.

7 minutes . HD cam . French-English . Edit . Roselyne Petit c/o GLPIPA . Jola Kudela c/o Sparx . Graphic Design / Benjamin Rossignol c/o le Dynamo de Saint-Cloud . Music /Alain Mouysset . With the help of Trafic production, Vladimir Gavrilov, Inye, Barbara Safarova . Production abcd 2001

.Festival of Clermont-Ferrand (February 2002)
.Festival of Cinéma du Réel / centre Georges Pompidou (March 2002) / Special award discerned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
.Rétrospective : ciné alternative (March 2002)
.Canal + and affiliated channels (2002)
.Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris
.High Museum of Art, Atlanta
.American Folk Art Museum, New York
.Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne
.American universities tour (September 2002): Egyptian Theatre de American Cinematheque, Los Angeles, Norman University, Oklahoma, New York University, New York, Columbia University, New York, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York
.Festival of French-speaking cinema in Acadia (September 2002)
.Rencontres de la Villette (October 2002)
.Fenêtre sur courts, festival of Dijon December 2002
.French Institute of London (7th March 2003)
.Le printemps des poêtes, Charleville-Mézières (11th March 2003)
.Festival International du Film sur l’Art (FIFA), Montreal (from the 13th  to the 23rd  March 2003) Special award of the jury