GREAVES richard


Having turned his back on the life in the city, Richard Greaves left Montreal and moved to Beauce, in the middle of a forest. There, he constructed houses-sculptures built from recovered material. Built in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature, these architectures lived and changed in the rhythm of the seasons.

10 minutes . HD cam . Edit / Jirka Cvancara c/o Beep studio . Telecinema / Anne Szymcowiak c/o GLpipa . Image Treatment / François Le Bastard c/o Digital . Sound Design / Velvet Lab . Mix / Studio Time . Executive Production / Barbara Safarova . With the support of: SAI – Consulat de France . With the help of: Kamila Balvinova – César Decharme . Text freely inspired by the essay of Valérie Rousseau and Sarah Lombardi “Richard Greaves, anarchitecte”, Milano / Montreal 5 Continents Editions / SAI 2005 . Production / abcd 2005