YOUNG purvis

Purvis Young left school at the age of sixteen and became involved in crime. Incarcerated for four years, he discovered painting which would become from then on his only passion.  Once free, he piled up thousands of his works in a warehouse which served as his shelter.

3 minutes . 10 minutes . HD cam . French-English . Roselyne Petit c/o GLpipa . Telecinema / Anne Szymcowiak c/o GLpipa . Image Treatment / Rasto Simocko c/o UPP . Music / Alain Mouysset . Lyrics & Singing / Fanny Castelli . Executive Production / Barbara Safarova . With the help of: Nicolas Batailler, Marie-Laure Bonduel, Jean-Michel Fleury, Jean-Louis Lanoux, Kiyoko Lerner, Jennifer Pinto Safian . Production abcd 2003