RASHIDI mehrdad

1963 . sari . iran



Mehrdad Rashidi left Iran at the age of twenty for political reasons and moved to Germany. In 2006 he began drawing, an activity that allowed him to find some serenity. Yet he draws compulsively on old notebooks, envelopes, receipts, flyers. In 2012, at an exhibition dedicated to him in Düsseldorf, which was critically acclaimed, he talked about his work: “I was not interested in tips on how to work and I have tried to imitate no one. All I draw comes from me, from my own feelings. In my pictures, where you can find animals, human beings and all sorts of creatures, I feel happy and free. Love, men and women, and nostalgia are the most important themes for me. I can draw for hours, day after day. I have to look after my two sons, so I draw only when I can in my spare time.”