1962 . osaka . japan

MATSUMOTO.Kunizo. 1717-1718  MATSUMOTO.Kunizo.1555 MATSUMOTO.Kunizo.1556 MATSUMOTO.Kunizo.1715-1716 MATSUMOTO.Kunizo ensemble.1774

Kunizo Matsumoto lives in Osaka, where he helps out as a dishwasher in the family restaurant. He compulsively  collects printed materials (brochures from Kabuki theater, exhibition catalogues, tourist guides, etc.), which fill his room and nobody is allowed to touch. Although he is illiterate, he has created his own language. Sometimes, he writes over entire passages from Kabuki plays. When he has made an entire page black with text, he sometimes continues writing in the air in an imaginary choreography. In the evenings, while the rest of the family sleeps, he writes on pages from the restaurant’s promotional calendar or in various notebooks.