1911. kyjov . czech republic

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Cecilie Markova was of Slovak origin. She spent a happy childhood in a poor family. She was an apprentice dressmaker and worked later in a clothing store. She started to draw on October 18, 1938. The original impulse turned into a passion in 1940, when she suddenly lost her husband. Drawing became a means of communication with the dead, the only activity that gave meaning to her life. Cecilie Marková worked first with pencil, later adding colored pencils to decorate the floral motifs. Her artistic production develops in a completely independent way, even if inspired by some traditions from which she borrowed decorative elements, and possibly by former mediumistic drawings of the area. The execution of her drawings is automatic and spontaneous, always preceded by a personal meditation. From 1960, she produced psychic portraits, astral landscapes and cosmic eruptions in tempera on paper or canvas.