FORMAN karel

1929 . ludcovice u uherskeho brodu . czech republic

As a young man, Forman boxed competitively. He apprenticed as a baker and worked in the field until 1955. In 1956, he took a part-time job loading goods at the state trucking company in Bruntal, and later found a permanent position as a truck driver. Seven years later, he became a bus driver, a profession he retained until retirement in 1990. Since 1995, he has found a new creative outlet in uniquely decorating his cooperative flat in Bruntal. Photographs from family albums, pictures from old magazines, and daily deliveries of advertising fliers all serve as raw materials for his wall collage. At first, he was merely covering unsightly or dirty spots on the walls, but with time he took up more and more space. When he covered the very last space on the walls and ceiling, he did not let his wife’s displeasure stop him and began decorating the flat. Karel’s grandson Pavel Forman has worked elements of his unique interior into his own painting.