abcd, journal no. 4


DECHARME, Bruno (ed.), Journal no. 4: Anatomia Metamorphosis,Lubos Plny & Anna Zemankova, exh. exp. [Paris, espace abcd, 10thOctober – 29th November 2009], Paris, abcd, 2009.

At first glance, two very different works, yet two artistic projects linked by a shared preoccupation as both creators explore anatomical metamorphosis. Zemankova and Plny, each in their own way, reorganize, explore and play with the transformation of the form and structure of the human body, which becomes, during this  process of transfiguration, a chimera of heterogeneous qualities, bright and glorious  in the work of Anna, dissected and recomposed in the case of Lubos.

Barbara Safarova, “En quelques mots”
Manuel Anceau, “Le viscère secret tout illuminé soudain…”
Terezie Zemankova, “Repères biographiques”

in French

16 pages

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