ROUGE CIEL / teaser


narrates the life of these exceptional creators, these visionaries who set our spirits ablaze and shake up our ideas. This film also features interviews with writers, philosophers, psychoanalysts, passionate amateurs who have marked the reflection on art brut, and thus traces the discontinuous thread of a story written with hesitation. ROUGE CIEL, a film that challenges our ideas about art and creation. The American George Widener, who is capable of memorizing events of the last 1,500 years, can also predict the future, which he inscribes in his “magic squares,“ on a paper tablecloth. Fernand Desmoulin, a French engraver, draws with no light while the “spirits“ guide his hand. The Czech Zdenek Kosek sits for weeks, looking through his window, with no food or sleep. In his notebook he records all sounds and movements around him, fearing that if he stops, the world would cease to exist. The postman Ferdinand Cheval, left on his own, worked on his “Palais Ideal“ for three decades.

With: Henry Darger / Gabriel Joaquim Dos Santos / Adolphe-Julien Fouré / Zdenek Kosek / Alexandre Lobanov / Helen Martins / Kunitzo Matsumoto / Simon Rodia / George Widener / Purvis Young & les témoignages de : Manuel Anceau / Jean Dubuffet / Phillys Kind / Jean-Louis Lanoux / Randall Morris / Lucienne Peiry / Jennifer Pinto Safian / Barbara Safarova / Gérard Schreiner / Michel Thévoz .

HD/Dolby E 5.1 . 93 minutes . available on DVD . French version . English version PAL . English version NTSC.

Price: 20€




Since 2012 ROUGE CIEL  has been regularly scheduled at festivals, special screenings, exhibitions and sold to television channels.


Museum of Fine Arts Olomouc . Czech Republic . 21st March

Galerie Rizomi . Torino, 18th  and 29th  February.

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art . Kobe . Japan . 4th February – 25th March

Cinema Jean Eustache in Bordeaux 13th January. Organized by Cinereseaux.


Le Méliès cinema in Montreuil (within the programme of Ecrans philosophiques, in collaboration with Collège International de Philosophie and Le Méliès cinema)

International Film Festival Australasia – Barossa, Australia, 26th – 30th October.

Festival des Rives, Beaulmes, Switzerland, 16th – 18th September.

Musée MUMO, Prague, Czech Republic, 21st September.

Festival de l’histoire de l’art, Fontainebleau, 29th May.


International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography, Plus Camerimage, Poland, 27th November – 4th December.

French Institute of Prague, 19th November.

International Film Festival Durban, South Africa, 1st-15th November.

Madness Film festival Toronto, Canada, 5th-13th November.

Chagrin Falls International Documentaries Film Festival, 12th-16th October,
 Award for the Best Experimental Documentary.

International Festival of Hamburg, Germany, 30th September-9 October.

Raindance Film Festival, London, Great Britain, 28th September-10th October.

Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne, Switzerland, 25th  September 2010.

Artcity Festival 2010, Calgary, Canada, 10th-19th September.

International Film Festival Ireland, 4th-11th September.

Sztukowanie / Festival of Art Gryfino, Poland, 2nd-5th September.

Blissfest333, Colorado, USA, 1st-30th September.

International Film & Video Festival Portland, Oregon, USA, 23rd-28th August.

Heart of England International Film Festival, Great Britain, 10th-15th August.

I Y F F Port Talbot, South Wales, Great Britain, 3rd-7th August.

Seattle International Film Festival, USA, 20th May-13th June.

Swansea Bay Festival, Great Britain, 7th-16th May.

Bommer Festival, Ukraine, 24 April.

Geneva Festival, USA, 16/18 avril,
 Award for The Best Documentary Feature.

Durango Independant Film Festival, USA, 3rd-7th March.

Festivus Film Festival, Denver, USA, 14/17 January, Award for The Best Documentary Feature.