GEORGI hans-jörg

Hans-Jörg Georgi had already created thousands of drawings of airplanes and children when he joined the atelier Goldstein. He then undertook the creation of a real aircraft fleet, by the hundreds, from shoe boxes cut into pieces that he assembled with glue. Each plane looks like a stranded boat – a kind of Noah’s Ark – dented, with an anthropomorphic face. The man, animal and technology merge together. One of his favorite models is called the “Bomber” [Bomber, Bombardier], a “man-machine”, a visionary flying machine. Hans-Jörg Georgi asks the following: How will we survive? How will we ascend to touch the sky? “My work, my planes are like me […]. I want to do something good for the world. I take you all with me to travel. In fact, I’m a good person, sometimes I am a little strict […]. I want to give you all twenty points, you’ve earned them! You too!”

12 minutes . HD . German, French subtitles  . Camera, Edit and Graphic Design / César Decharme . Telecinema / Antonio Lizzio . Executive production  / Barbara Safarova . Production abcd and Système B 2014