GEORGI hans-jörg

1949 . frankfurt . Germany


Georgi was struck by polio at an early age, and has lived with its consequences ever since. By the time he began attending the Atelier Goldstein, he had already created several thousand drawings. His favorite subjects were airplanes and children. At the studio, he began creating an entire fleet of aircraft, which today numbers in the hundreds. He fashions his planes from boxes that he finds in the trash, which he cuts into small, irregular pieces that he then pastes together in order to create three dimensional objects. Although he originally tried to recreate real aircraft, these were soon replaced by imaginary machines with anthropomorphic features, including a six-story airplane that exists in several versions. Once our planet becomes uninhabitable, Georgi’s utopian flying cities will act as modern Noah’s arks, transporting humankind, animals and plants into outer space, where they will eternally orbit the sun, nourished by its energy. The pinnacle of Georgi’s work will be a “technological Icarus”  — a cybernetic being that will be a perfect combination of man and machine.