1979 . okinawa . japan

After two years of scientific studies at Ibaraki University, being passionate about music, Yonaha Shun moved to Bolivia for a year in order to research folk music with the master Rolando Encinas. After his return to Japan, he could not continue his studies and lost his interest in music. At that time he suffered from an important psychological trouble, which made him experience something like black holes in his head. He convinced himself that it was the soul of his grandfather that came to haunt him. After ten years the haunting presence gradually faded to make way for a woman’s soul. Despite the pain this presence causes, Yonaha feels protected by this spirit he calls Follow Pon Pon. His drawings are nourished by these souls who communicate with the members of his family, with everything that surrounds him, the events of the world and of society. He draws 5 hours each day, letting his hand free to move automatically. He has produced 1,000 drawings in black and white and over 100 in color.