1956 . prerov . czech republic


Since birth, Leos Wertheimer has been mentally challenged and lives with his parents. He would have liked to become a car mechanic, but fate led him to work for a time as a railroad worker and as a firefighter. Unable to secure a stable job, he was put to disablement retirement very young. His only passions are history and locomotives. In 1997, prompted by his therapist, Leos Wertheimer began to draw. His works in pencil and coloured pencil on brown paper represent different types of locomotives. Each title is to the name of the locomotive. He also notes technological details, the scale of the drawing as well as the number of hours the drawing took him. Emblematic of the industrial world, the locomotives stand for travel, exploration and freedom. They exert a real fascination that Leos Wertheimer can perfectly capture by stripping them of all anecdotal, to show only their physical power. Emphasizing the wheels, joints and their movement, he treats them as anatomical schemes.