1903 . montherod-sur-aubonne . switzerland

1986 . switzerland



Of peasant origin — his mother was a midwife and his father worked on farms — Gaston Teuscher was a good student, but his behavior was a little eccentric. As an adult, he decided to travel. To support himself, he taught French  and physical education  all over Europe. Later on, he moved back to Switzerland as a teacher. Whenever he had any spare time, he loved touring the country by train for days, going from one city to another for the mere pleasure of traveling and chance encounters, or simply to find a restaurant that he did not know. He started drawing in 1974, at the age of seventy-one; first, to illustrate of one of his poems.  This drawing seems to have triggered off considerable production of works  representing mainly ghostly looking bodies with swaying faces. He loved recovered paper with irregularities which inspired his pencil or ballpoint pen, and the colours he used were from the tobacco juice, cherries, peaches or wine. He did not consider himself as an artist, more as an amateur.