ROMERO annabel

1970 . france


Annabel had a chaotic childhood, due to a highly conflictual divorce of her parents. Since 1983, she has lived permanently with her mother who devotes all her time and energy to create a space for her child – who does not speak – to find her own expression.

They both live together in Toulouse, without any institutional support, since Annabel has been twenty.

Very young Annabel showed great creativity, seizing materials and the most diverse tools that she used with exceptional control: clay, wool, paper, tissues, pencils, brushes, glue… Everything that she could get hold of was used with passion for her relentless activity. Her wool sculptures testify to her surprising dexterity. It is not sufficient to use our eyes only: one has to put one’s hands into the maze of wool corridors to discover objects she buried inside (small wool sculptures, fragments of dolls, etc.).

The “other” language Annabel has succeeded in acquiring are thus images similar to those that surprise us when we dream. By means of this unique creative process she can express what she cannot share through language with others.