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Miloslava Ratzingerová finished only elementary school. After her marriage to to an Austrian railway worker she became a homemaker. Deeply influenced by the widespread spiritualism of the period, she was marked by a strange encounter with a woman who approached her on the street in Prague; the woman declared the following, without giving her anything: “I’m passing the White Book to you.” Ratzingerová then felt an inner strength that led her to draw. At the same time, auditory hallucinations led her to visit a psychiatrist, who assured her that she was not mentally ill but had a gift that she had to accept, and encouraged her to listen to her inner voice. There are about forty drawings preserved — mostly portraits of women, some representing her mother at various stages of her life, other historical figures such as Marie Antoinette. In addition to her artistic creation, Miloslava Ratzingerová produced a work of literary quality: poems and philosophical reflections. She would also have been gifted with clairvoyance.