PECKA frantisek jaroslav

march 10, 1878 . neveklov . czech republic

june 15, 1960 . bechyne . czech republic

Frantisek Jaroslav Pecka was a writer, archaeologist, teacher, geologist, paleontologist, member of the Czech Metapsychic Society. His academic career was coupled with a life nourished by spiritualism. He produced 239 large-format drawings, 198 small-sized and 450 pencil drawings — only about a hundred were found. His work was exhibited in Prague, Brno and in Paris during the National Spiritist Congress in 1927. We do not know anything about the figures that seem to emerge from the background. The drawing of the abcd collection is one of the first in his production; it stands out by its automatic style. Most of the later works draw inspiration from the decorative forms of Art Nouveau, typical of the period, as evidenced by the work of Alfons Mucha,  another spiritualist nourished by Christian and mythological references.