PALANC (francis PALANQUE, known as)

1928 . vence . france

april 30, 2015 . vence . france

Pâtissier in Vence, Palanc was not yet twenty when he began inventing writing and alphabets that he was constantly modifying for better systematization. In a short essay entitled L’Autogéométrie, he highlighted the secret influence of geometry on the mental life of every individual. “Geometrizing oneself: it means making oneself geometrical by oneself; that is: establishing in oneself geometric attitudes by oneself.” For him, the man and the world were but a mysterious writing to be deciphered. The power of the letter was not linked to its physical qualities, but to its hieroglyphic magic, its ability to signify, hidden behind its appearance. Dubbed by Dubuffet “The écrituriste” Palanc created his works with grounded egg shell, dried egg white, boiled sugar, caramels, but also sawdust. From time to time, his tantrums made him destroy what he had created. After 1960, he ceased all creation.