HORACEK rudolf

1915 . mannswörth . austria

1986 . psychiatric hospital of gugging . austria

Before his committal at the age of twenty-four Rudolf Horacek was a gardener. Diagnosed schizophrenic, he refused any form of communication and always responded to a question but never “to the point,” turning his head away. From 1979 he began to draw regularly and joined the House of the Artists. His oval faces — probably self-portraits, which he abstains from looking at when they are completed, throws them away or hides them in his bag — are built as much as they are divided by more or numerous intersecting lines. While each box seems to function as an autonomous cell that appears to have its own life, it nevertheless functions as a part of a whole. The organic dissolution of the face is punctuated with written elements and numbers. Often Rudolf Horacek inscribed his name and place of birth.