GUYAUX régis

1973 . mumbai . india

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The predilection for travel that drives Régis Guyaux is perhaps related to his distant origins — born of Indian parents, he was adopted as a child by a Belgian family. When he tells his family travels, he mainly focuses on enumerating the different phases, evokes meals in roadside restaurants and describes the technical characteristics of the vehicle. He has attended The “S” Grand Atelier (CEC la Hesse) since early 2000. While at the beginning of his career, he showed little ambition, he now expresses great pleasure in drawing and engraving. His favorite technique is monotype in which he is constantly improving, mastering accidents inherent to the process of direct engraving. His favorite theme is the car, the various models forming an extensive catalog where each vehicle is ruthlessly pitilessly deconstructed without remorse and reinvented through the “flattened perspective.”