FISCHER johann

1919 . kirchberg am wagram . austria

2008 . psychiatric hospital of gugging . austria

Coming from a farming family, Johann Fischer wanted to become a baker but he was drafted during the Second World War and taken prisoner by the Americans. 
Once released, he took over from his father as head of the farm. But in 1957, suffering from hallucinations, he had to be hospitalized. The committal represents for him his death in the outside world and a rebirth in the hospital: “I was made-created-made on June 16th, 1967 (1957?), at the cemetery of the Kierling-Gugging Hospital, between 6.30 p.m. and 10.00 p.m., by the father of my predecessor God the Father Almighty. And from a little seed, drawn from the well of proper seeds, following an additional wish.”
 Johann Fischer joined the Gugging House of Artists in 1981. Omnipresent in his work is writing in the form of comments, taken from the common political, social and religious character. The artist (he always signs “Künstler”) describes and criticizes a grotesque world, illustrated mostly by colorful and fragmented characters resembling clowns or jesters.