1944 . mexico


Hilda Dupont-Theurel belongs to the fourth generation of French immigrants born in Mexico. She was a precocious child, who drew every day; at the age of five, standing on a ladder, she decorated the entire rear facade of her house with charcoal recovered from under the washing machines. But the happiness of childhood ceased with the death of two of her ten siblings. At eighteen, Hilda Dupont-Theurel was electrocuted by accident. Coming close to death, she saw herself herself leaving her body to be in a bright, warm space where she felt extraordinarily well. Victim of a second heart attack during the delivery of her first son, she had a similar vision. Since then, she has suffered from depression accompanied by visions of faces; in her village she was considered crazy. In 1981 she discovered her husband’s infidelities, which only aggravated her condition Her psychiatrist encouraged her to pursue painting – the only way, he thought, to curb her anxiety. Gradually the color disappeared and a feeling of rage or sadness invaded her work. Since 2002, perhaps tired of painting only negative feelings, she has tried to express love instead.