1928 . mondovi . italy

2006 . mondovi . italy


At a very young age Egidio Cuniberti started to work at the foundry workshops of Fiat in Turin. At 24, after a fall from a bike he underwent emergency surgery for a brain hemorrhage. This left many effects: headaches, seizures and insomnia. In 1971 he had to stop working. At that time he began to pick up garbage on the street and assemble it to make furniture, sculptures and paintings. He used boxes of fruit and vegetable as the basis of his furniture, decorating it with inlays made of small sticks of industrial glass, plastic spoons, and pieces of wood which he would paint and glue together. He made about 130 pieces of furniture, some of which exceed 2 meters, including tables and totems.

In 2002 his health declined and his sister took care of him until his death.