A corps perdu . abcd, an art brut collection


DECHARME, Bruno et GILLE, Vincent (eds), abcd, une collection d’art brut. À corps perdu, exh. cat. [Paris, Pavillon des Arts, 30th April – 26th September 2004], Paris, Paris Musées, 2004. Texts by Barbara Safarova, Vincent Gille and interviews with Béatrice Steiner,  Bruno Decharme and Jean-Louis Lanoux.

Apart from presenting hundred fifty seven works and biographies of  each of the exhibited artists,  this catalogue opens up a debate. Seventy years after the first exploratory trips of Dubuffet, we found it useful to question the place of art brut in the history of art of the 21st century. This book, as well as the exhibition it accompanies is built on a geographical principle: Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern America and Southern America.

160 pages