1955 . romania

2015 . new york . usa

TALPAZAN Ionel . 3014


Ionel Talpazan was raised in a small village in a foster family. At the age of eight, he saw a flying saucer, an experience which altered her life. As an adult, he fled his country. This decision resulted in adventures full of danger: a night-time swim across the Danube, arrests, deportation threats at the border, etc. Having obtained political asylum, he moved to New York and was fully dedicated to his creation, the representation of UFOs, planets and solar system that obsessed him. He was convinced that NASA scientists would one day be interested in his drawing, rich in the secrets of propulsion systems that enable UFOs to travel great distances. Many of his drawings and paintings contain texts, most in Romanian. On the back of some, he added pictures of the Statue of Liberty accompanied by his handprints and documenting his experiences in America. The “UFO art” of Ionel Talpazan filled his apartment, until he was left with a small living space.