PUJOLLE guillaume

1893 . saint-gaudens . france

1971 . toulouse . france


From his adolescence, Guillaume Pujolle worked with his father, a cabinetmaker and an indebted gambler, who died at the age of fifty-five. In 1924 he got married and moved to Metz, where worked as a customs officer. Domestic tyrant, obsessed with order, pathologically jealous, he terrorized his wife. In 1926, a suicide attempt led him straight to the hospital. Released from the hospital, he was in the grip of hallucinations, threatening to kill his wife who, he believed, was unfaithful and and spying on him; he attempted to kill himself again. He was then committed permanently to the psychiatric hospital in Toulouse. His wife refused to abandon him and was allowed to work in the asylum as a nurse. Guillaume Pujolle began drawing in 1935, finding inspiration in magazines and newspapers. Besides ink and gouache, he often used pharmaceutical solutions, such as iodine or mercurochrome. His only tools were a compass, a ruler and brushes made from his own hair. His fantasy world, populated with night birds  and strange characters, is dominated by swirling movements.