Mr. IMAGINATION (gregory WARMARCK, known as)

march 30, 1948 . maywood . usa

may 30, 2012 . atlanta . usa

mr-imagination-3129 mr-imagination-3128

Third in a family of nine children, Gregory Warmack grew up in the Chicago area. Since childhood he devoted himself to painting, sculpture and assemblage. In 1978, victim of an assault in Chicago he was shot in the stomach and fell into a coma. During his hospitalization he said he had a vision that he described as “very peaceful, like traveling back in time and watching the ancient civilizations.” This experience led him to broaden his mental horizon; he chose the pseudonym Mr. Imagination. He created works from industrial sandstone which he mixed with wood, nails, putty, incorporating found objects: tools, utensils of all kinds, mirrors etc. Many of his sculptures and assemblages were inspired by the masks and African and Egyptian clothing. Starting in 2001 he settled in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In 2008, his house was destroyed by fire, then he moved to Atlanta, where he died of  sepsis in 2012.