KUMADA fumiyasu

1992 . ? . japan




Fumiyasu Kumada works since 2011 in the atelier Yamanami, located in Shiga Prefecture. He has been obsessed with water from a very young age. Wherever he went, he had to check first the placement of the bathroom and flush theĀ  toilet. His obsession gradually transferred from water to the toilet itself: when he entered elementary school, he began to draw the toilets and, from the age of ten, make cardboard models. Fumiyasu Kumada does not compromise on the accuracy of the model: the colour of the walls, the place itself, the materials he uses as a “mirror” or “pipes”: everything has to be perfect. When he works, he is often very tense and irritable. He sometimes yells and even hurts himself when the material is too resistant. However, once the model is finished, he regains his calm and seems satisfied with his accomplishment.