JILKIN leonid

1902 . russia

1973 . russia


We have almost no information about Leonide Jilkin who was born in 1902 and died about 1970. Regis Gayraud notes: “The powerful Soviet science has inspired Leonide Jilkin to a spicy ‘scientific’ text, suggesting an experiment supposed to prove that the weight of the chicken coming out of an egg added to the fragments of the shell equals the weight of the entire egg before hatching…” Are we dealing here with the classical delirium of scientific paranoia or was the author of the text conscious of the parodic aspect of this technical discourse?” (Régis Gayraud, “L’art brut russe, un goût de pierre à fusil”, in Alexandre Lobanov et L’Art brut en Russie, Paris: abcd, 2003).