GRARD jean

1928 . france

2004 . baguer-pican . france


Jean Grard lived with his wife Marie in a small hamlet near Dol de Bretagne. Farmer, he worked hard and never took the time to rest. It was not until he retired, having acquired a weathervane shaped as a mill, that he had the idea of ​​making weathervanes himself. “I have worked on a farm all my life, I never thought I would do something like that,” he said. This event triggering the creative process cannot shed light on the genesis of a work that that strikes by force, the brilliance and obsession emanating from it. An installation on its own, the work of Jean Grard is inseparable from its spatial organization: weathervanes, similar to merry-go-rounds, were carefully arranged in the courtyard, among the flowerbeds taken care of by Marie. Anchored in the ground, this polymorph and solid assembly span when the breeze blew. Its creator has transformed the traditional art of weathervanes in a particularly original “fairground art.”