ENDO fumihiro

20 avril 1972 . japan

Married and then divorced, Fumihiro Endo now lives alone in Fukuoka, Japan, and works in a supermarket. When he was twenty years old, he began making books by hand. First, he made miniature magazines, which he called Maboroshi-magajin nansensu (magazines of deranged ghosts), illustrated with manga, excerpts from novels, press clippings, and other items. He produced ninety-nine of these books in two years. A few years later, when he was working at a medications wholesaler, he continued his “publishing” project with a novel based on the stories of his workmates. He then began to craft accounts of his daily life, which he called Kanren moso (associative babblings). Included in these daily accounts were printed documents such as his restaurant receipts, photographs of celebrities clipped from magazines, film programs—everything that filled his days and fed his passions—brought together to create original stories. Endo worships Nobumasa Kushino, the director of the Kushino Terrace in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima. He follows him when he can and records this cherished relationship in his books through collages of photographs, leaflets, and other items.