1956 . charleroi . belgium

His mother left home and his father, of French origin, returned to France in 1968, leaving his seven children with a maternal aunt. This abandonment deeply affected Serge Delaunay. At twenty-two years, he joined the Queen Fabiola Centre in Neufville to participate in occupational workshops. Manual work did not interest him and he did not execute the tasks assigned to him, even sabotaging his work. He then joined the Campagn’Art art studio, where he discovered drawing, to which he now devotes himself daily with passion. Listening to France Inter and Europe 1, he enjoys reading scientific journals, which inspire his intergalactic epics, a futuristic and alien world to create, with a black marker, images of space bases and spaceships. Once he has chosen a vehicle, he represents all of the elements of the engine, the bodywork, and the cabin. He often replaces his signature with a comment, in capital letters, concerning the fascinating accomplishments of the machines he loves dissecting. The acronym GTX that often follows his signature refers also to the automotive world.