CHUCHO (luis de jesus SOTORRIOS FABREGAS, known as)

1938 . guantanamo . cuba

At the age of four, Luis de Jésus Sotorrios Fabregas, called Chucho by his friends, suffered from a number of epileptic seizures. He did not spend much time in school, only to learn to write, to read and to count, and then returned to his parents’ farm to work. Chucho claims to have been kidnapped by aliens on several occasions. From 2000 he has begun to report his observations. He wrote, for example, that on other planets there are civilizations populated by beings similar to humans. He has accumulated hundreds of texts with meticulous descriptions on all sorts of papers of different formats. He also adds  clinical-anatomical descriptions of the diseases, in particular of the arterial hypertension. Chucho compiles his notes which could become unique testimonies of the presence of life in other worlds revealed in his suitcases.