BLACKSTOCK gregory l.

1946 . seattle (washington) . usa


Even though Gregory L. Blackstock suffers from autism and the “savant syndrome”, he has nevertheless lived independently most of his adult life. As a teenager he worked as a newspaper boy and in his spare time he liked to draw, play skittles and the accordion. He began drawing more frequently around the age of forty, and has devoted all his time to this activity since he retired from a chic sports club in Seattle where he worked for twenty-five years as a diver. In 2003, thanks to one of his cousins, he had his first solo exhibition. It now seems clear that almost all of the represented objects, mostly inspired by his childhood and the world as it was then, have had a profound impact on his life. Possessing an exceptional gift, Gregory L. Blackstock catalogs the world. He is engaged in a methodical and detailed classification of all kinds of animals, objects and plants, always with captions in regular capital letters, and meticulously organized into groups, ensembles or species. He draws inspiration both from his prodigious memory as well as dictionaries or guidebooks, which lead him to accomplish strong aesthetic compositions, graphically and in the choice of colors.