ARMY SECRETE_5.2430-2771ARMY SECRETE.2430-2771ARMY SECRETE_2.2430-2771 ARMY SECRETE_3.2430-2771 ARMY SECRETE_4.2430-2771

Rita Arimont, Adolpho Avril, Jean-Michel Bansart, Marie Bodson, Nicolas Bomal, Laura Delvaux, Claire Duval, Pascal Leyder, Barbara Massart, Florence Monfort, Jean-Jacques Oost, Patrick Perin, Nicolas Ransbeek, Christine Remacle, Marcel Schmitz, and AurĂ©lie William-Levaux met with the artist Moolinex, invited to an artist’s residency at the “S” Grand Atelier in 2011 to create the “Secret Army”. Stirred up by the fact that during the Second World War the region was the scene of particularly brave acts by some resistance fighters, this “Secret Army” pays tribute to the families, fathers and grandfathers who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of all. This experience rallied the “art studio army” in which everyone could contribute. Many brave hearts took on a new artistic language, resulting from the encounter between very different artists, but united by the same passion: to create.