AMAZINE yassir

1975 . etterbeek . belgium


Yassir Amazine attended the studio of Luc Mondry and Nicole Babilas at La Clairière. In his drawings, created with black, red and blue ball-point pen, the pen becomes a weapon in its repetitive and violent strike, as if the artist is delivering a real struggle – but to fight against what? Countless lines come together in works of extreme density: the gestures stop at some point, but might as well have continued, never ceasing, until the paper becomes completely black. It reveals both the energy of a liberated trait but related to a suffocating pervasiveness as well. The whole is so desperate, like quicksand where the more one moves to try to get out, the more one sinks. The brutality of the gesture, its fever and its rage seem more frightening than the warrior themes of the drawings.